How to Order

How to Order

Ordering Your Custom Cedar Rustics Wood Sign

There are just a few easy steps to follow to order your Cedar Rustics custom sign. First, you’ll need to select from several design options. To make it easy, let’s start with the shape and size of your sign.

1. Select Sign Style

You have five basic categories to choose from: Butt Signs, Rustic, Ribbon, Traditional, and Novelty. There are anywhere from 3 to 12 different options within each shape category. Look through the Sign Styles pages to choose your favorite style. Clicking on a specific sign style and size (e.g., Driftwood 9×18″) will bring you directly to an order page where you can start to build your sign by selecting the design features you want.

2. Pick A Size

Once you’ve determined the shape of your sign, select a size. Butt signs are available in just one size, but most of the other signs are available in small, medium and large, ranging in width from 18″ to 36″.

3. Add Your Message

Up to five words are included in the cost of the sign. Additional words (six and up) add $10 per word to your final cost (but ampersands are free). The message might say something like, “Welcome to our Lake Cabin. The Johnsons”. Since it’s seven words, that message would add $20 to your sign’s base price.

4.Choose Lettering Style

If your sign will be traditional or rustic, consider a serif font.  If modern is your thing, consider a clean and simple sans serif typeface. You can get a little fancy with a script font, or a casual font if you just can’t choose! Again, the font choice should match the other design elements as much as possible. A modern script font might not pair well with a rustic log sign style, for example. Write down the name of the style you like, then select your chosen lettering style from the drop down box on your signs’ ordering page.

5. Select Artwork

Pets, scenery and wildlife are always popular, but go with what you like! There are dozens of images to choose from across 12 categories. You’ll need to choose a category (dogs and cats; waterfowl, etc.) and then an image number, and indicate both of these choices in the Artwork box on the ordering page. Artwork is optional, and adds $10 to the sign’s price.

6. Add A Rider (Optional)

Riders are optional add-ons for your cedar sign. Include a fish, oval, or bone-shaped rider to hang from your main sign to feature an additional message – riders are perfect for adding a family member or pet’s name.

There are three rider styles to choose from – Oval, Bone and Fish shapes. You can select more than one rider, or even style of rider. Riders are $35 each and can fit a short message of one or two words, which are included in your sign price. Hardware is included and comes already attached to the rider so you can easily hang it from your sign.

Add a rider to your order by selecting the Rider drop-down box in your sign order page, and put the messaging in the Rider Message Box. You’ll see a digital proof of your sign and rider for final approval before we begin production work.

Submit Order

Most of our signs weigh between 2-3 pounds when finished. The shipping price is calculated based on the size and weight of the sign in its complete shipping package, which is generally from 4 – 6 pounds, and the zip code we’re shipping to (from Minnesota). You can select several levels of UPS delivery depending on how quickly you’d like your sign to arrive.

Design Notes

You can add “design notes” to the order, if you want a certain element to be bold, or the text to be centered, for example. Any notes that will help us lay out the elements of your sign so that it looks exactly as you envision it can go here. Before we begin your sign, you will get a digital proof for your approval.